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Akashic Readings: Decoding the Language of the Cosmos

As we saw earlier, Akashic Records are the mystical energy records of all the events that have ever happened, are happening, and will happen in the Cosmos.

Just as a boat leaves a wake in the water as it passes, each action, thought and emotional impulse in us leaves a trail of energy; an imprint on the Cosmic Ocean. These energy trails are recorded in the Akasha; they are inscribed on the ether. Every event that has ever occurred anywhere to any entity, no matter how tiny, is recorded in the Akashic Records.

The process of decoding these energy records is known as Akashic Reading.

Mystics compare the Akashic Records to an unimaginably vast library of information. Recently, with the advent of cyber technology, the Akashic Records have been compared to a mammoth supercomputer system. The code in which it is written is beyond any language used on Earth, but the reading is revealed in the language of the reader.

Gift from the Vedic Civilization

Who were the Vedic seers who gifted us the treasures of the Akashic Readings?

The Vedic civilization, the world’s most ancient living civilization, flourished millions of years ago on the lush plains of the Sarasvati River in what is now Northern India.

A civilization of spiritual giants with superhuman mystical powers, it gave to the world a host of highly sophisticated sciences and arts, including astronomy, astrology, mathematics, navigation, medical and surgical expertise, and the Vedic language Sanskrit, which is also the natural language most suitable for computer programming1.

The technology used by this civilization was astounding, revealing feats of engineering and architecture that challenged modern skills and technologies.

In the Vedic Age, no boundaries existed between the material and mystical realms of life. Working for inner growth hand in hand with outer abundance and success, the Vedic civilization left us an unimaginable legacy of inner and outer treasures.

During this period, Akashic Records were freely accessed to find answers for everything, from the mysteries of the universe to the causes of personal karma. Unfortunately, the power to commune with the Cosmos is a lost science today, with the key to this infinite source of information in the hands of the rare Avatars.

The Science behind Akashic Readings

We have already explained the scientific concept of the Space-Time continuum. As Time exists simultaneously as a dimension of Space, all energy or information (energy is nothing but subjective information) is waiting to be decoded depending on the parameters and objects used. To explain this with a simple analogy – electricity is coded energy and is decoded in an object called a light bulb, and thus manifests as the light.

At a classical level, all information is stored in bits (in computer language as a binary of 0 and 1), which is then decoded by the software of the computer.

As mentioned earlier, at the quantum level, information is stored as qubits. These qubits of information are present across the entire fabric of the Cosmos and represent the entire information held within the Cosmos in time and space.

Interestingly, at the quantum level, the binary system exists as 0 and 1 separately, but happens simultaneously and concurrently, such that both 0 and 1 exist at the same time.

Information regarding past, present, or future of a quantum nature is available, waiting to be decoded, but at the present moment, there exists no technology (in science), that can work as a true quantum computer and has the software to understand all the information and underlying principles of the Cosmos.

Biologically, the human brain has been likened to the equivalent of a quantum computer.

An Avatar in the form of a being like Paramahamsa Nithyananda can access the qubits of information stored across the Cosmos as Akashic Readings, as He is both the software and the hardware, the subject and the object of the quantum universe.

Each Individual’s DNA holds his personal Akashic Records

The Garuda Purana describes the avatars (embodied forms) assumed by the immortal formless Lord during the various cycles of time. The Avatars evolve and expand from fish (matsya) to amphibian (kurma) to animal (varaha) to half-man-half-animal (narasimha) to the pygmy man (vamana) to the tool-wielding civilized man (Parashurama) to the highly evolved and dharmic being (Sri Rama) to the purnavatar (Sri Krishna). After the advent of Sri Krishna begins the age of man as a seeker, an enlightened being, and a world teacher (Buddha). The last Avatar (Kalki) is said to arrive at the end of Kali Yuga to destroy the collective negativity and establish Satya Yuga on our planet (the age of Living Enlightenment).

daitya-raakshasa-naashaartham matsyapurvam yathaa-bhavat kurmo varaaho nrharirvaamano rama urjitah II 10 II
yathaa dasarathi-raamah krsno buddho’tha kalkyapi
tathaa vyakto’vyaktarupi aaseedaadir-gadaadharah II 11 II

~ Garuda Purana, 1.86.10-11

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyānanda Paramashivam says:

The Vedic scientists discovered thousands of years ago that the fish is the first individual body that has the capacity to collect and transmit samskaras or engraved memories and behavioral patterns through the DNA. Of course, even before the fish body, you can collect samskaras, but they are not transmittable. Please understand, as a fish, any engram you collect is transmittable. Before that, it is so subtle, so negligible, that it cannot be transmitted.

That is why, in the Vedic tradition, we call the first incarnation as matsyavatar. From there the avataras, the incarnations, expand and grow.

Whatever engrams you collected when you had the fish body will be passed to the next body and further bodies that you assume. From the fish body till now, whatever you collected is called your microcosmic bio-memory. It is only this part that scientists can analyze and understand as ‘known DNA’.

Understand: your body is the ultimate matter which can happen in the frequency of planet Earth. The ultimate machinery which is possible to happen in this planet’s frequency, has happened to you. Celebrate its existence.

You assume almost all kinds of bodies in so many births before you take a human body. So all the memories, experiences, and possibilities, of all the bodies put together happen in the human body. ALL possibilities, all memories, and all experiences are available in your body.

Many times you have lived the life of a fish or bird. So if a fish can swim, you can also swim! If a bird can fly, you can also fly. You may think, then why I am not able to fly? Because you chose some other memory more strongly and dropped this flying memory too deep. You just need to awaken it; that’s all! Nothing else is needed but awakening it. If the awakening can happen, simply human beings can learn to fly.

These powers are not something unique to a few people; it is a birthright for everybody. I am not interested in feeding fantasies to you. I am giving you the vision. It is possible! It is possible. All possibilities are there in your body.

Scientists refer to our inactive genetic material as ‘junk DNA’ because it has no obvious function, but open-minded investigation has proven that biology does not furnish any ‘junk’ tissue in nature. All organs and substances have a purpose, although they may be hidden from us at the moment. Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals that, far from being ‘junk’ tissue, it is this ‘Divine DNA’ that holds the key to the mystical powers we all possess but have forgotten how to use.

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyānanda Paramashivam says:

Science says that the human species has evolved with a two-stranded DNA which is found in every cell, which determines the form as well as the potential diseases and skills we can have. Scientists are very clear that what we think is not our original blueprint because we can study only one part of the DNA till now. The other, unrevealed part, which scientists have not been able to study, or logically understand its function, they have labeled as ‘junk DNA’ or ‘shadow DNA’.

Scientists are absolutely right when they say there are two parts in the DNA, and one part, which they are able to study, is responsible for the form and diseases. The other part is what is responsible for our spiritual gifts. I tell you: the other part is what carries all the siddhis and superhuman powers.

I can say, the part which is already discovered is junk DNA! The part which is not yet discovered, or maybe I can use the word ‘yet to be realized’ – it is this part that contains information about who you really are on a level of spiritual beingness. It is that part to which I give the name ‘jeevatma’ – the individual consciousness or ‘individual self DNA’. It is that part which carries our divine personality.”

Science of Gotras

The science of gotras was used by the Vedic Rishis (perfected sages) to transmit coded information across generations, in order to make available specific knowledge that was put into these genes for decoding at an appropriate time in the future.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda says:

Researchers say that with the inter-dimensional 12-strand DNA activation, you can have access to ten times the information that is available from your DNA! That is what I mean when I say that you can download anything from the Hiranyagarbha. It is nothing but the cosmic archives.

We carry our lineage from other planets and other areas of the universe in our DNA. The imprint of our earthly ancestral lineage is also held within our DNA. This is what we call the gotra in our Vedic tradition.

Each of you belongs to the gotra of one of the rishis. The gotra is the code that contains components of that rishi’s space in you. If you belong to ‘Bharadwaja’ gotra, it means that the energy and experience that the rishi Bharadwaja had is there in you also. If you take up the mantras and practices that Bharadwaja practiced, you can immediately decode your DNA and access the Akashic Records. Gotra is the password available to you to access the huge Akashic Records.

Akashic Readings – the way out of karma

The science of genetics has advanced to the level that you can study the structural code of your gene i.e. the DNA code material by completely sequencing the genome. However, while we know what genes are present, science has yet to decode all the genes present in the human being. Those genes that science has not assigned a specific purpose are simply labeled as non-functional or ‘junk’ DNA.

However, the entire gene sequence of the human body itself is not unchangeable. It is dynamic and possesses its intelligence, which is why less than 30,000 genes (of which only 10,000 are functional at any given time) can perform all the functions and create all the structures of a complex entity like a human being, which is made up of 50 trillion cells.

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyānanda Paramashivam says:

As I said, all the information you collected from all of your births is in your DNA. You can access some of this information just to understand your past actions, and not to waste time doing the same actions again and again, thinking you will have some joy or benefits at the end of this action.

If you have done a certain action and you did not receive the joy that you wanted, but if you forget that, you will be trying it again and again in various ways. But if you remember that you did not have the joy you expected, you will not try it again. You will not waste your time on it again. In that way, accessing the Akashic Records by reading the DNA code will be useful for you to become enlightened.”

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