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NHU Milestone 2006: 1.07 Million+ Enrollments Achieved

Program NameProgramStudents
Attachment or Detachment12329
Art of Dying15642
ASP A/C Kalamrudhr14532
ASP A/C Villupuram14992
AYP Vellore18239
Attur ASP A/C12739
Chaos is order, Order is chaos12849
Bangalore Cox Town ASP12538
Be Unclutched16477
Bhagavad Gita-115029
Bhagavad Gita-1015575
Bhagavad Gita-1119586
Bhagavad Gita-1215741
Bhagavad Gita-1318877
Bhagavad Gita-216880
Bhagavad Gita-316444
Bhagavad Gita-419858
Bhagavad Gita-517005
Bhagavad Gita-615809
Bhagavad Gita-716485
Bhagavad Gita-816544
Bhagavad Gita-916247
Birth of religions17541
BSP December 27-3-200612692
Channai Kanchi Hotal ASP A/c13726
Channai Thiruvatriyur ASP A/C14694
Conscience: A poor substitute for consciousness19328
Chengam ASP12503
Chennai Egmore ASP14657
Chennai Vadapalani ASP A/c13090
Cleansing meditations18025
Coimbatore ASP A/c13834
Difference between history and Puranas15251
Consciousness is only your torch19775
Cunoor ASP A/c12017
Depression of success17763
Dictionary meaning vs existential meaning16412
Difference between fact and truth15374
Difference between history and puranas16471
Double identities18662
Empty your inner space15069
Enlightenment in a second if you are ready15944
Erode ASP13155
Everything complements each other existence18340
Experience of god17060
Experience quantum spirituality17287
Express your experience17649
Freedom from growth16017
Give intelligence not guidance17919
Go beyond mental toys19066
Go beyond the form18648
Habit and engraved memories17372
Harnessing intuitive skills16455
Healers Initiation13982
Healers Initiation December 0614442
Hosur ASP A/C13094
How we connect and create shaft18285
It is! That is all!17933
Kanchipuram ASP A/c13415
Kumbh Mela- Significance15441
Leader consciousness15525
Life and death- two sides of the same coin17949
Life is not life19234
Lifestyle is societal, life is natural15123
Listen to your heart19302
Live with intensity19141
Living in a wordless zone15236
Mandya ASP A/c13502
Master awakens you16408
Master disciple relationship19104
Master is a promise18101
Master is a solution, not the support18656
Master the master surgeon18205
Meditate and develop intuitive skills17548
Meditation alters the energy19441
Meditation is the only key16128
Mumbai ASP12806
Mysore ASP A/c12679
Mystery of death17806
Namakkal ASP A/c12088
Nithya Yoga- Yoga for eternity16676
Nithyanandam-Intensive meditation programme16788
NSP A/c13198
NSP Chennai 14-17 December13779
NSP Eng13238
NSP Tamil -Salem Aug 200613864
Play of the master17215
Power of intensity and trust19978
Power of the spoken word17398
Psycho drama of the mind16459
Punaur ASP A/c14712
Qmp November 15th12812
Rajapaliyam ASP14046
Rasipuram ASP12558
Renounce what you don’t have15350
Research on meditation15567
Rituals after death17622
Salem ASP A/c13548
Salem NSP July 27-3014421
Science has caught up with mystics18889
Shallow relationships18053
Shiva Sutra- Integrate and evolve16563
Shiva Sutra- Social conditionings16687
Shiva Sutras- Balancing your energies17121
Shiva Sutras- Be alive and aware of every moment19203
Shiva Sutras- book for Direct enlightenment17398
Shiva Sutras- Bring awareness into your inner space18924
Shiva Sutras- Courage is not fearlessness16136
Shiva Sutras- Danger of the path of the intellect17622
Shiva Sutras- Drop intellect and materialism15547
Shiva Sutras- Drop intellect, go into experience19233
Shiva Sutras- Essence of enlightenment18007
Shiva Sutras- experience god consciousness18940
Shiva Sutras- Intelligence, love, energy, bliss are the same18200
Shiva Sutras- Jump into ultimate where you are15906
Shiva Sutras- Level of consciousness18830
Shiva Sutras- Matter and Energy16980
Shiva Sutras- Path of devotion for transformation19961
Shiva Sutras- Power of devotion, the story of Ramdas16497
Shiva Sutras- Real master turns devotion onto yourself15922
Shiva Sutras- Secrets of energy and intelligence15775
Shiva Sutras- The Manual for Enlightenment18623
Shiva Sutras- The very quality of devotion liberates17449
Shiva Sutras- Turn your awareness into the seer18222
Shiva Sutras- Turn your devotion towards your being16743
Shiva Sutras- Watch your breath, the ultimate technique16206
Shiva Sutras- Why we miss the neutral space15575
Shiva Sutras- You are liberated in time and space19109
Shiva Sutras- You are so caught up in your identity19307
Shiva Sutras- You are unclutched by your very nature15066
Shiva Sutras- You create what you see17840
Shiva Sutras-Breath, gateway to your consciousness18883
Shiva Sutras-Dream and reality17520
Shiva Sutras-Neutral zone demystified19434
Shiva Sutras-The technique for the zen zone16586
Space and time16922
Space, time, and singularity18421
Spiritual scriptures15723
Spirituality is not a part time job16087
Sruthi and Smruthi16652
Stress and Decision-making18066
T.V.Malai ASP12062
Teachers vs Masters16023
The greatest mystery on planet earth19587
The power of consciousness19499
The process of death18564
The quality of consciousness15153
Theni ASP A/c12480
Theory of Karma19294
Thiruchengodu ASP A/c12358
Thirupattur ASP A/c14257
Trichy ASP A/C14900
Ultimate flowering of relationships16181
Ulundurpet ASP A/c13166
Vaniyambadi ASP A/c12849
Vellore ASP A/c13494
Visagapattanam ASP A/c14692
Visak ASP A/C12609
Weight Reduction Therapy13841
Wishdom is intelligence17556
Workings of the mind18286
Yoga for body16143
Yoga for mind15868
Yoga for spirit19046
Yoga for verbalization17808
You see things the way you want to see16774
Zen stick for enlightenment15083
Grand Total1721079369


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