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Deeksha and the Neuroplastic Transformation of Consciousness

Neuroplastic science says that your brain has the ability to create new grooves and pathways, which means that the possibility of becoming a new Consciousness exists.

Initiation can change not just your mind, but your very brain. With initiation, your brain develops subtle grooves to hold and radiate the energy of Enlightenment. If it is only a psychological transformation, it could leave you after a few weeks or months. But initiation does not lead to just psychological transformation; it leads to physiological transformation. The experience becomes your very bio-memory, so there is no more scope for conflict.

As mentioned earlier, apart from the brain and neural pathways, we have a network of 72,000 nadis or subtle energy channels through which Kundalini energy and the subtle information essential to our conscious evolution can be transmitted.

Of these, the kurma nadi, a channel running from the tip of the middle finger right up to the heart, is the channel through which the glimpse of Enlightenment is revealed by the Master and received by the disciple during initiation.

Deeksha changes Gene Expression

The human genome has now been sequenced, and it is now established that all humans have approximately 25,000 – 30,000 genes.

A gene is the fundamental blueprint of a living organism, which can encode several proteins and signaling pathways for life to exist and continue. At any given time, only 10,000 genes are expressed (operational) in normal life.

It has been shown that during the Inner Awakening® initiations, the gene expression changes to such an extent that the genes which cause an increase in energy, stem cell count and health are up-regulated, while those that are harmful, such as genes causing cancer and autoimmune disorders, are down-regulated in all participants. This is the visible effect of the bio-energy of the Avatar’s deeksha transforming the bio-memory of the disciple.

Deeksha awakens your DNA

Medical science has established that we have 12 strands of DNA, but only two of these strands are active. An Avatar is a being who has awakened all 12 strands of His DNA. Through Deeksha, an Avatar can simply alter your existing DNA and activate your unused DNA strands.

The true purpose of this so-called ‘junk DNA’ is to support a multi-dimensional consciousness, and Deeksha awakens this possibility.

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyānanda Paramashivam says:

Deeksha is like an intense downloading into you. When your DNA is activated, the knowledge, consciousness, and information contained in the macrocosmic bio-energy can be effortlessly transmitted to you without any conventional methods. With every new strand awakened, you start experiencing many things: freedom from negative engrams, intellectual and spiritual clarity, physical health, anti-aging, and extraordinary powers.

Karmic Cleansing and Realigning

During KAILASA’s Paramashivoham®, participants receive a series of powerful initiations on 21 consecutive days. This ensures that the physical and mental transformations experienced during the program are rendered long-lasting or even permanent.

Every Deeksha (initiation) at the KAILASA’s Paramashivoham® program is an extraordinary spectacle of energy play that could last for hours. During deeksha, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyānanda Paramashivam creates an explosion of superconscious energy, using divya shareeris (mediums or energy channels) to intensify the spiritual process. Releasing more than 15 times the usual power through His body, He channels it through the divya shareeri to reach the participants from every angle.

The group energy during deeksha is so intense that most participants receive the initiation spontaneously, even before they are touched and initiated. For the participants, deeksha is a never-before experience of intense Kundalini AwakeningSM in a perfectly safe environment.

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyānanda Paramashivam says:

When the energy channels sit in a circle around me, in a mood of deep devotion and surrender, I am able to penetrate right through their physical bodies. They become divya shareeris, extensions of my own physical body. So when a participant enters this elevated space, he is enveloped by my physical body itself, not just my energy body. If he is totally open and receptive, I can use that high-possibility moment to simply wipe out his negative bio-memories and create a blissful, strong bio-memory through karmic cleansing and reprogramming. To the extent that the participant is receptive, he can experience physical and mental transformation.”

Deeksha from an Avatar is an infallible process affecting the same changes in everyone, irrespective of the external manifestations.

As part of a survey, a qEEG measurement was done on a devotee who showed no external signs of levitation. It was found that even though she experienced no physical movements, her brainwaves changed in the same way as the brainwaves of levitators. This proved that even though she was physically static, her brainwaves too were responding equally to the influx of Cosmic energy.

Significance of Deeksha from a Living Master

Deeksha is revered in the Vedic tradition as the ultimate gift that a Master can confer upon his disciple.

In the ancient Hindu text, Rudrayamala Tantra, Lord Shiva says:

The one who is not initiated does not attain liberation nor a better future. So by all efforts, one should get initiated by Guru.

Only from a fire can another fire be lit. Only from a living Master can the transmission of the lamp happen. A Master who exists on the subtle plane may be able to offer the disciple spiritual guidance, but for the experience to settle in him as a physical reality, it has to be transmitted from a body that is vibrating at the same frequency as his own. Only the already reprogrammed DNA of the living Master can transmit that frequency and reprogram his DNA. Only a living bio-memory can share its experience directly with the disciples, through a look, a word, or a touch of initiation.

When the disciple melts down and sits with a deep trust, the connection between him and the Master happens – this is deeksha.

When a sincere seeker or disciple sits in a deep, relaxed mood, not only does the Guru come alive with the disciple, but the disciple also comes alive with the Guru. Both experience fulfillment and the transmission of the lamp happens automatically. This is Deeksha.

Deeksha manifests your deepest desires

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyānanda Paramashivam says:

I just infuse energy into you and blast your self-doubt like a balloon. That is what I call initiation.

Deeksha has the power to open up your real desires and empower them to become reality, destroying your doubts and fears that are coming in the way.

If your blueprint is carrying a desire for money, it will open up and fill you with money; if your blueprint is to seek God or Guru, you will have that; if your blueprint is to search for extraordinary powers, you will have that.

Please understand: the brahmi bee makes the worm into a bee just by the buzzing sound it makes. The hen makes its egg into a chicken by its physical presence.

The crocodile, tortoise, and fish hatch their eggs just by remembrance! The Master ‘hatches’ you through all these three.

The first level is through his teachings and words. The second level is through his initiation and touch. Then, wherever you are, you are constantly connected to him. You remember him and he goes on remembering you. Through the constant remembrance of you wherever you are, he hatches you into a new being. He makes you into his very Self.

Benefits of Group Deeksha

The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyānanda Paramashivam says:

Group deeksha is a tremendous experience!

When a cohesive group of people sit together in a mood of meditation and receptivity, their systems fall into a deep harmonious resonance with one another. The whole group is like one organic entity. Moreover, each of you is individually in entanglement with the Source. Each of you

is like a spoke of the wheel, all attached to the central hub which is the source of Cosmic energy. So every time I initiate one person in the group, the same energy is instantaneously transmitted to the entire group.

So when you sit in 21 sessions of KAILASA’s Paramashivoham®, say as part of a group of 100 participants, you are actually receiving 21 x 100 = 2,100 initiations!

Group initiation has one more benefit. When I initiate you, I loosen and activate your bio-memory, preparing it for learning new things. So when you see somebody else expressing an extraordinary power like levitation, your bio-memory learns that such a possibility exists. Within a few days, your bio-memory picks up that particular power – even if you have not received that particular initiation from me. This happens due to the presence of mirror neurons in your brain.

When you live in a sangha or spiritual community where many such powers are continuously expressed, your bio-memory simply opens up and starts living its highest possibilities.”

Deeper Truths about Deeksha Revelations from the Avatar

All the knowledge required for you to run your day-to-day life is recorded in your muscle memory. All the cognitions based on which you make basic life decisions are recorded in your bio-memory.

Awakening your muscle memory by completing with your unnecessary patterns, and reprogramming it the way you want. awakens your multiple POSSIBILITIES. Awakening your bio-memory by completing with your wrong cognitions about life, and reprogramming it the way you want, awakens your multiple POWERS.

Possibilities are not Powers

Please understand: that POSSIBILITIES are different; POWERS are different. Anything that you can directly express through your own practice, without conscious intervention, without the need for conscious energy to enter into you, without the need for enlightenment energy to enter into you, is a Possibility. Whatever you do on the level of Possibility, many circus people will be doing it; Guinness Record holders will be doing it. That does not mean they are enlightened or spiritually aware of themselves.

Many people are living on railway platforms because of poverty; their body automatically masters the art of eating only once a day, but they survive, and they manage to eat and digest whatever they get on the roadside. But that does not mean they are spiritually awakened. It is only that the possibility existing in the muscle-memory has been awakened. But in the Nirahara SammyamaSM, I awaken your Consciousness to make your Nirahara successful. It does not happen at the level of muscle-memory.

When you transform your root cognitions about yourself, about the people around you, about life, about God, about the world, about money – all the basic cognitions you carry – suddenly you will see that not possibilities alone, but powers will also start expressing in you.

When any completion is done at the level of bio-memory, Consciousness is directly opened up. When your bio-memory is completed, naturally, it works directly on Consciousness, and multiple powers are expressed. For example, you just need to complete the cognition given to you accidentally at a young age that you can’t read through your Third Eye; you will simply open your Third Eye and start reading! You will simply start doing it.

Awakening your God particle

Even awakening your bio-memory awakens only your powers. Awakening your bio-energy awakens the very God particle in you.

During KAILASA’s Paramashivoham®, to awaken your bio-memory, I use sound and light, which means verbalization and visualization. To awaken your bio-energy, I use Silence and UnclutchingSM.

Silence is the absence of verbalization; UnclutchingSM is the absence of visualization.

Please understand: to use Silence as a technique, you should have a mind that does not even touch or pollute the Silence when it picks it up and uses it. That means, your mind should be in utter silence, and it should be able to move and make whatever it wants happen while remaining in that same silence.

In the same way, to use UnclutchingSM as a technique, your mind should be such that it doesn’t pollute the Unclutching even when it is picking up the Unclutching to use it. Even if you visualize Unclutching, it will be polluted.

Only a person who is able to be silent without using the word ‘silence’ can use Silence as a technique. Only a person who is unclutched without visualizing Unclutching can use Unclutching as a technique!

If you want to see this drama of Mahadeva, this leela of Mahadeva, if you want to experience what He does with the power of Silence and Unclutching, come to KAILASA’s ParamashivohamTM!


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