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The Nityananda Hindu University is a California religious institution founded as the Nityananda Yoga & Meditation University dba Nityananda Meditation University in 2007 to propound and propagate the teachings of the SPH Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam. In 2013 the name was changed to Nityananda University. Nithyananda Mission, the Nithyananda Hindu University is awarded lifetime exemption under CEC (California Education Code) 94874(e)(1), by the Bureau of Private & Postsecondary Education for the State of California, to award religious degrees autonomously. The image given on the next pages shows the Certificate of Congressional Recognition conferred on Paramahamsa Nithyananda for His contribution to establishing the Vedic Temple in Los Angeles.

At its inception, the school under the name of Nityananda University dedicated itself as an exempt religious institution to online instruction of students interested in the teachings of SPH Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam. The Nityananda University is now expanding to offer degrees, diplomas, and certificates under the name of the Nithyananda Hindu University. The emphasis and new vision are to also bring to light the contribution and various ecosystems of the Sanatana Hindu Dharma tradition. The Nithyananda Hindu University proposes to offer degrees and diplomas in the “living enlightenment” as revealed in the ancient scriptures of Hinduism namely the Shiva Agamas, Vedas, and other various ancient texts that had been lost to humanity and which are now being revived through the efforts of SPH Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam’s experiential teachings.

The Nithyananda Hindu University proposes to offer these degrees, diplomas, and certificates as a complementary program to students pursuing their studies in diverse fields of study in universities and colleges around the globe that will benefit them to excel in their fields of endeavor.

Instructions are online with select instruction at the extended campuses and learning centers of Nithyananda Hindu University.

2003-January-01Nithyananda Sacred Arts University; Preserving, making, and distributing from under a single roof the sacred temple arts and architecture as per the Agamas, which include stone temple structures, deities made of stone or 5-metal alloys, temple chariots, vehicles of deities (vahanas), worship items, crafted temple jewelry, and traditional decorations. Over 5000 unique deities have been created by artisans so far.
2006Nithyananda Gurukul, Bidadi, Bengaluru, India; Reviving the authentic Hindu education system for creating a generation of enlightened genius children who manifest Superconscious Powers as a lifestyle.
2007Nithyananda Meditation Academy, Toronto, Canada
2007Nithyananda University, Los Angeles, CA, USA; Largest Hindu University in the world with over 270,000 enrolled in over
2700 courses, with 550 faculty & staff in 347 campuses & centers in over 150 nations
2007Nithyananda Meditation Academy, Paris, France
2007Nithyananda Peetham (University), Bengaluru, India World-wide organization for reviving, researching, preserving, spreading, and teaching the authentic Science of Oneness, Power-manifestation, Yoga and Enlightened lifestyle as per VedaAgamas. Over 20 million followers worldwide, with over 1 million initiated disciples.
2007-March-01Nithyananda Yoga & Meditation University, California USA
2007-May-31The County of Los Angeles, California, USA, acknowledged His Divine Holiness for his contribution to meditation & yoga.
2007-July-01Memorandum of Understanding between Nithyananda Peetham and International Vedic Hindu University (IVHU)
2007-August-01Formal Membership in Meditation Therapy was offered through Nithyananda Meditation University NMU affiliated to IVHU
2007-November- 09The Mayor of the City of Montclair, USA, Paul M. Eaton, recognized the grand inauguration of the Nithyananda Vedic temple.
2007-November- 10The U.S. House of Representative Congress recognized His Divine Holiness on the occasion of the grand consecration of the Vedic temple.
2009-March-10The Premier of British Columbia, Canada, Gordon Campbell, recognized His Divine Holiness along with Nithyananda Meditation Academy, for His guidance, discourse, and inspiration during the three-day yoga and meditation event in Vancouver.
2009-March-29The California Legislature Assembly, Norwalk, California, USA recognized His Divine Holiness as an enlightenment master, modern mystic, and greatest saint of modern India who has taught the science of attaining endless happiness through meditation.
2009-March-29The California Legislature Assembly, Norwalk, California, USA recognized His Divine Holiness for His leadership, outstanding commitment to ‘communities around the world, service and selfless devotion to students of the International Vedic Hindu University, and for the expansion of ashrams around
the world.
2009-April-29Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad authorizes NHU as the only organization to conduct Kumbh Mela outside of India
2009-September -21The Governor of Ohio State, USA, Ted Strickland, recognized His Holiness for yoga sessions at the Ohio Women’s Reformatory, and for His work to reestablish the science of inner bliss.
2009-October-0 5The Lieutenant Governor of the State of Oklahoma, USA recognized His Holiness for sharing His expertise with the community about creating a healthier mental and physical lifestyle of exercise and diet through yoga, meditation, and spiritual gatherings.
2010Awarded exempt status awarded Nithyananda Yoga and Meditation University (NYMU) California
2013Awarded Nithyananda Meditation University, exempt status, California
2013Name change from NYMU to Nithyananda University (NU)
2014Nithyananda University Press
2015-October-11Akhil Bhartiya Akhada Parishad authorizes NHU as only organization to conduct Kumbh Mela outside of India
2015Sarvajna Peetha Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, USA; A Think-tank of Sanatana Hindu Dharma that gives the Vision and Inspiration to collect, preserve and spread the Science of Vedagamas, design and build temples and temple-based civilization, for superconscious breakthrough.
2015NMA, Toronto rated among Toronto’s top-5 meditation center
2018New name Nithyananda Hindu University from Nithyananda University to revive the oldest transmission system

World’s ONLY 3-time Guinness World Records Holder:


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