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How Third Eye Awakening Changes Your Reality?

Celebrate the Unknown

One of the biggest misunderstandings that happens in your life is, you trying to grasp yourself!

Listen: you cannot understand you – you can only experience you. So, if you try to grasp you through any conceptualization, intellectual understanding, or in any way, it will always be a misunderstanding. If you are not comfortable with the vast, beautiful, amazing you, then you are not celebrating the extraordinary you. Even though you are not able to hold or grasp the vast you, don’t try to create an image about you. If you see the vast you, you will be fearful.

The Upanishads beautifully teach how to be loving and respectful towards the Avyakta – the Unknown. Much of you is Avyakta – unknown to you. When you are afraid of the Avyakta outside, surely you will be afraid of the Avyakta inside.

When you understand that your unknown is your unknown, you will not have fear about your unknown. You will not be afraid of anything which is your own. You will get comfortable with you. You will explore, embrace, and love those unknown parts of you.

Third Eye vision is ‘Conscious Seeing’

If you can see something through the eyes, you can experience it with your physical body. If you can see something through your mind, you can experience it, and understand it, with your mental body. If you can see something with your inner space, your consciousness, you can control it as the Lord of it. Even blind people continue to see in their inner space. Whether you are blind or have physical eyes, you continue to see through your inner eyes. Third Eye vision is nothing but ‘Conscious Seeing’! It activates the non-mechanical parts of your brain. That is why you start experiencing extraordinary powers like telepathy, materialization, teleportation, and clairvoyance.

Your Door to the Cosmos

The third Eye is like a door to the Cosmos. You can receive anything from the Cosmos through the Third Eye. Same way, you can send any command to the Cosmos through the Third Eye. Anything sent through the Third Eye to the Cosmos is immediately, immediately experienced! The third Eye is not just the brow center; it is the Browsing Center also! Just like how you can upload or download anything through the Internet world through an internet browsing center, through the Third Eye you can download and upload anything in the Cosmos. It is the Cosmic browsing center. Any Akashic Records can be downloaded by you when you open your Third Eye.

Bridging Physical and Mystical Worlds

Third Eye is the bridge between the physical world and psychic and cosmic space. All the extraordinary powers, psychic powers, are achieved through Third Eye AwakeningSM. All the extraordinary powers are lived when your Third Eye is completely awakened. Understand: whatever you are seeing with these two eyes is not reality and not enough. Third Eye makes you see the higher reality externally in your day-to-day life, and internally in your life and death journey. Third Eye AwakeningSM makes you immediately experience God.

The Third Eye is a direct bridge to God. The third Eye is not just an eye; it is the very source of your Consciousness. If you align your thinking based on the principle of Advaita, Oneness, all your energy will become centered on the Third Eye, all your energy will become stable in your Third Eye. The functioning of your Third Eye will enter into the next frequency.

Destroy Karmic Patterns and Incompletions

The more you use the Third Eye, the more the patterns and engrams engraved in your brain will start getting completed, because you are continuously working with Consciousness. The more you use Consciousness, the more you become Consciousness. What we call karma is nothing but the deep-rooted unconscious patterns and incompletions that force you into a vicious cycle of fear,

greed, and pain for lifetimes. When you start using the powers of your Consciousness freely, the unconscious parts of your mind are brought under the light of your Consciousness, and they automatically dissolve, clearing the karma.

Secret of Omnipresence

The word ‘omnipresent’ needs to be understood.

When your presence is loosened in your body, you become omnipresent. If you are caught inside one nervous system, your presence is limited to just what you feel as you – that one small body. If you start loosening yourself, if you practice getting in or out of that one system, two things happen to you: one, you start becoming omnipresent; two, you experience tremendous love and compassion, because you start feeling your presence everywhere. You start feeling yourself happening everywhere, so the tremendous love and compassion for the Whole happens.

kāyendriyasiddhiraśuddhikśayātḥ tapasaḥ (2.43)

When the body and sense organs are ripened by tapas (the purification process), all the impurities are eliminated from them, and extraordinary powers are expressed because of the ripening of the bio-memory.

‘Kaayendriya siddhi’ is the process of the body and sense organs getting ripe. I don’t want to translate the word Siddhi as extraordinary powers; I want to translate it as ‘getting ripe.’ For example, if your eyes are ripe, you can see extraordinary things. When your senses are ripe, automatically the extraordinary powers happen in you.

The master’s presence is cooking all of you intensely every day. Intense boiling is happening! Even this levitation is nothing but a method of ripening your senses.

When you make your senses ripe, you live with them joyfully!

Make Miracles Your Lifestyle

Being a good human being is good, but it is not great! That is not the end of human possibilities. You are designed for extraordinary powers and capabilities. You cannot talk about the power of seeing a born-blind man. How much ever you talk, he won’t be able to understand what is going to happen when he gains his vision. In the same way, I can’t talk about the Third Eye to you till your Third Eye is opened! When you awaken the Third Eye, your whole life will be different. What ordinary people call intuition will become your lifestyle. What people normally call spiritual powers will become your very lifestyle!

How to recognize real miracles

The miracles you see fall into five categories: magic tricks, black magic, white magic, ucchaadana, and Happenings of the Presence. If you know these five categories, whenever you see any extraordinary happening, you will know to which category it belongs, and whether you want to have it in your life.

1. Magic tricks – These are plain entertainment – they are not siddhis and nothing is wrong in them.

2. Black magic – Even if you do it for entertainment, it is dangerous and can have adverse effects on both you and the person on whom you are doing it.

3. Ucchaadana – if you use it rightly for the right purpose you will not have a problem, but if you use it wrongly for the right purpose (or rightly for the wrong purpose) you will have a problem.

4. White magic – these are the siddhis. They may delay enlightenment but will give you intelligence about when to perform them and when not to perform them.

5. Miracles that happen in the Presence – these are the leela of the Divine; they do only good all the time.

Miracles and beyond

Narayana Swami, a Siddha in my native town of Arunachala, used to say very beautifully, ‘Extraordinary powers are given to you to show you that the ordinary life is not worth living.

For example, imagine how it would be if you could suddenly break this huge hall like a small bamboo stick and fold it and put it in your Consciousness. It is possible! This is an extraordinary power. This whole hall can be melted like a wax model and put into your Consciousness just through a sound vibration. When you can do this, it proves that the ordinary reality is not worthwhile; it is not a solid reality.

Whenever you break the ordinary rules, it is extraordinary. But the ability to break the ordinary rules and make yourself extraordinary is not supposed to bring extra ego; it is supposed to show you that the ordinariness itself is worthless, and that is why you can break it! It breaks your attachment to your current reality. And that is the exact lesson you need to learn.

Advaita: Password to Third Eye AwakeningSM

One of the greatest gifts to mankind would be the ability to have Third Eye AwakeningSM, which, apart from leading to several manifest powers, uses a very standardized protocol-based technique of initiation and training, all of which happens while being in the right space of Advaita.

In The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyānanda Paramashivam’s own words:

The software for the Third Eye AwakeningSM has been programmed to only work from the space of Advaita (the right context) and cannot be misused with the wrong space or intention, as the password to this power has been coded into the Advaitic space of consciousness.


When we do not understand the science behind a power or siddhi, we usually interpret it as something either magical or mystical, but in any case, definitely difficult. The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyānanda Paramashivam has not only demonstrated these powers Himself but has made them accessible to all His devotees.

A simple concept like ‘listening’, which means paying attention and cognizing, not only with all the physical senses but using the very energy of our being, is in itself, a simple yet powerful siddhi. In this way, The Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism Nithyānanda Paramashivam is making available at least 400 demonstrable, reproducible abilities to all His disciples. During the Simhasta Kumbha Mela in 2016, He intends to reveal at least 70 powers described in the Shivajnana Upanishad. At the time of compiling this volume, 32,000 adults and children worldwide have been initiated into the science of Third Eye AwakeningSM


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