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The Power of Intention: Shiva’s Guidance on Manifesting Your Reality

Shiva, the Quantum Field

Quantum physics declares that it is the act of observation that precipitates any event into existence. The quantum field (Shiva) is a field of infinite potential or ’infinite wave forms of probability’ in a state of rest, from which the observer manifests his own reality at every moment through the very act of observation. This is known as the ‘Observer Effect’.

This truth of the ‘participatory universe’ was well-known to the Vedic rishis, who called the phenomenon ‘drishti-shrishti’ (creation as per one’s belief). Vedic scientists went a step further and declared that the observer and the observed arise simultaneously during the act of observation. The very mind that is observing it causes the event or object to manifest from the quantum field of infinite possibility. In other words, there is no objective reality ‘out there’, independent of our observation. This revelation has been supported by recent research studies on String Theory in quantum physics. According to quantum physicists, a particular event or object simply ‘pops’ into reality from this field of possibility, based on the observer and his observation.

So then, one might ask, does no such thing as a physical world exist, outside of the observer and his observation? The unsettling answer is that even the physical world persists solidly only as

the result of the collective (albeit unconscious) expectation of its observers. This perennial and persistent collective delusion (if we may call it that) is what the Vedic scientists term ‘Maya’.

A significant point to understand here is that ‘observation’ is not a mere mechanical act, but carries an inherent belief or expectation about what is being observed. Even an insentient machine carries an ‘expectation’, because it has been designed for a certain purpose. For example, a machine designed to record waves will record waves and not particles – because that is what it ‘expects’ to record.

Science of Manifestation

This concept of belief or expectation is important for us to understand the science of Manifestation.

Usually, we all carry an unconscious belief or expectation of what the world or life or the future can be. But because we are not aware of the power of the beliefs and expectations we carry, we think that all the information coming at us from the external world is objective. In every moment that we engage with life, we keep projecting the same ideas back on life, which in turn influences the feedback we receive from life, and further reinforces our life-view, in an endless loop of self-deception and self-destruction.

While a belief or expectation is usually unconscious, when we become conscious of it, it can be called an intention or a conscious resolution (sankalpa) about how we want to experience our world. With the power of intention, we can make the transition from a limited victim mode to an empowered space, where we consciously take control of our reality.

As Paramahamsa Nithyananda wisely says, the universe is a perpetual ‘Tathaastu’ (‘So be it’). It is always blessing your intentions, so be careful what you ask for!

Deeper Truths about Kalpataru Revelations from the Avatar

The Universe is a perpetual ‘Tathaastu’

Listen: your reality of God, your reality of yourself, your reality of society, your reality of the universe – everything is experienced by you as per the inner space you carry.

The universe is a huge wave of ‘Tathaastu!’ (‘So be it!’)

So put a little intelligence, time, and energy into consciously creating the right space in you.

Your inner space is the mirror of your reality. The inner space you entertain becomes your reality. I don’t even want to say it becomes your reality; it IS your reality. This truth is the greatest liberation you can receive!

The moment I utter this truth, don’t feel powerless. Instead, understand that it is your own inner space; so you have the power to change it. Complete all the unconscious negative beliefs you are carrying.

Don’t bring your past record to deny your highest future possibility. If you failed in some effort in the past, understand that it was because you did not have the right space at that time. So the problem is with not having had the right space; not with the truth itself. So now, try with the right space. You will see that the world responds responsibly It is so unfortunate that we continue to cherish self-destructive thoughts, sometimes unconsciously and sometimes consciously. You are already continuously manifesting your reality, but unfortunately, most of the time it is unconscious manifestation.

All your diseases, your dissatisfaction, the untoward incidents in your life – all are your manifestations. Any untoward incident caused to you can be changed completely. The power of Manifestation can play any way you want. Your inner space is so powerful that you can just make anything happen. Whether it is the great realities of the Cosmos, or the realities of life, or the realities of mind, the space you create, creates the reality.

Harnessing the Energy of Manifestation

Manifestation is the science of consciously altering the reality as you want, and experiencing the reality as you want.

Manifestation is one of the oldest and most fascinating of sciences: how an idea can be chosen, put into the Source from where your very body has manifested and manifested as reality.

Please understand: your body has manifested from a certain energy that was in your mother’s womb. If you are carrying a female body, you have the same energy in your own womb. If you have a male body, you carry the same energy in you at least to reproduce a body in a female womb. Either way, there is a seed energy that manifested your body. If you put any idea into that seed energy, it can manifest that idea also into reality.

In Sanskrit we have a very beautiful word, hiranyagarbha – the Cosmic womb. Any ideas that are planted in this womb become reality immediately. Any idea which directly adds to your life is from hiranyagarbha. All of you have the ability, the capacity, to put an idea into the hiranyagarbha and make it into reality.

The energy of Manifestation is such that can cause so many of your desires to become reality, even without your taking any action. The kundalini which is in you, is responsible for the manifestation of your body and your mind. If your Kundalini energy is simply added to your desire, it will become reality.

Your kundalini is like a Kalpataru. Once your Kundalini is awakened, anything you ask is immediately granted. So any idea you want to make into reality, take it to the level of your kundalini shakti. When you are having a levitation experience or a kundalini experience, any idea you sow deeply inside becomes reality as soon as possible.

Your muladhara chakra has a certain innate energy. If you add integrity to this energy, it will become visualization. Without integrity, that energy will remain as fantasy. Whether whatever you visualize is going to become reality or not depends on your integrity. Your verbalization only becomes visualization when you have integrity. Only then it becomes reality. When the nada (verbalization power) joins with bindu (visualization power), the kala (creativity) happens. Verbalization is the Cosmic feminine energy. Visualization is the Cosmic masculine energy. When they both meet, the creation of the Cosmos happens.

Dhaarana – the power to express your chosen reality

The peak of yoga is samadhi, enlightenment.

The last level before samadhi is the expression of mystical powers.

The Vedic scientists were well aware of the significance of possessing mystical powers only after the seeker is already tuned to living his life with the highest possible conscious coherence. Otherwise, the human mind can go astray and cause chaos with these powers.

That is why, even in his Yoga Sutras, Patanjali takes you in a step-by-step way.

First, you need to understand the laws of life (yama) and raise yourself to the highest possible conscious coherence (niyama). Then, you learn to balance your body (through asana), prepare your muscle -memory to radiate Consciousness (through pranayama), and then awaken the ability to absorb prana without breathing (through pratyahara).

Only after this, he talks about how to express extraordinary capabilities through your body and mind through dhaarana. He is taking us to a non-return mystical zone, where mysticism is a living science, a lifestyle.

dhāraṇāsu ca yogyatā manasaḥ (2.53)

After the veil which covers the inner light is removed, the mind becomes fit to express all that it carries inside.

Dhaarana is not just concentration. It means the readiness of your mind to express whatever it carries in its womb.

Kalpataru Darshan – making you into a Kalpataru

The ability to speak into the listening of the Cosmos is Kalpataru.

Please understand, the causal body is where all your engrams, all the possibilities of the mind, are stored. The causal body is available to you when you fall asleep, or when you raise yourself to the higher state of consciousness.

When you fall asleep, because you are in a state of unconsciousness, whatever you project in your dream does not have much impact on your real life (or whatever you think of as your real life). But when you enter into altered or higher states of consciousness, even though you access the same causal body, any idea you create has a tremendous impact on your real life. It can become reality. This is the difference between sleeping and dhaarana.

Dhaarana is the capacity to use the extraordinary capabilities of your mind, which are there in seed form, to create, express and manifest whatever you want as reality in your life.

When you know the science of dhaarana, you become a Kalpataru. Whatever anyone wants, you will be able to give them.

During the Kalpataru Darshan, I am not just fulfilling the one boon for which you ask. I am teaching you this science. I push you to the superconscious state, which creates an explosion of energy in your system. When you enter into that state, you will have both – the intelligence to create the right idea, as well as the power to make it into reality.

Sacred Secrets of Kalpataru Darshan

Understand this very subtle truth: you are a complete miniature of the macrocosm. All the stars reflect in your inner space. The reflections of those stars in you are responsible for the flow of your life. They are are responsible for the deflection and the restlessness which is created in you.

The Raman Effect in the outer world also happens in the inner

world by the constant deflection of your thoughts. In the outer world, Raman Effect creates the blue color. The inner world effect of that same phenomenon creates a black color. That is why, when you look in. you see the black color; darkness. Maybe we can call this the Maya Effect!

The Maya Effect is nothing but the deflection caused by your restless mind. If you can look through the Maya Effect, you can see the reflection of the macrocosmic stars in the microcosm (individual) and alter things as you want, and change your life as you want.

Anybody who has the ability to penetrate the Raman Effect and see the stars in the sky during the daytime will have the capacity to penetrate your Maya Effect and alter the reflections of those stars in you. If somebody can look through the deflections and restlessness of your mind, and alter the reflections of the grahas (planets), naturally the whole flow of your life can be altered.

The science of seeing the reflection of the cosmic stars in the macrocosmic body and predicting your future is astrology. The science of altering the reflection of the microcosmic stars in the macrocosm, and making that in tune with what you want in your life, is the science of giving boons.

That is exactly what I do in the Kalpataru Darshan.

I look into your eyes and stop the deflection and restlessness created by the Maya Effect in your inner space. Then I ask you, ‘What do you want?’

The moment you say what you want, I say, ‘Alright, tathaastu.’

All the grahas (planets) suddenly alter themselves and align to this. I don’t need to alter the grahas themselves; I only need to alter their reflection in you, and the flow of your life changes automatically.

This is the sacred secret of all the miraculous happenings that you experience during the Kalpataru Darshan!


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