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Reviving Vedāgamic Wisdom - The SPH Vision

The last living person who has the knowledge of Hinduism, THE SPH BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM is reviving this knowledge transmission system.

KAILASA’s NHU was conceived with this objective by THE SPH in 2000 and was legitimized by the establishing of the University in the United States in 2007.

Since its inception, KAILᾹSA’s NHU has brought innovations and solutions to global challenges by bringing together the various standards, procedures, and guidelines revealed in Vedāgamic scriptures in the areas of administration, policies, law, health, economic principles, temple architecture, lifestyle, and medicine.

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The Legacy

Mokshapuris and the Quest for Superconsciousness

Hindu ecosystems came to be considered as settlements that enabled human beings to achieve the highest purpose of human life – Mosksha (Living Enlightenment) and experience superconciousness. For this reason, they were called Mokshapuris – settlements that facilitated Moksha.

These Enlightenment Ecosystems or Mokshapuris, made the revealed scriptures (Vedagamas) come alive through a structured education called Gurukuls. The Gurukuls produced ‘Saintists’ who gave extraordinary breakthroughs in all walks of life. Ancient Vedic Hindu civilizations had the technology for inter-planetary and inter-loka (different planes of existence) travel, surgery, batteries that never required a recharge, alchemy, metallurgy, weapons of mass destruction, architecture on a grand scale, cosmology, mathematics, astrology and so on.

The best part is that the education system (modern day equivalent term is University) was capable of delivering all of these sciences and enable the learner to master them in a short period of time. Then they go on parivarajaka (spiritual wandering) and enrich humanity.

Education Policy

What Makes Vedic Education Unique?

अथातो ब्रह्म जिज्ञासा

athāto brahma jijñāsā

Let us explore into the Reality.

~ Brahma Sutra 1.1

Many educations methods,when deeply analyzed fall under the non-involvement narrative style where the student and the teacher don’t get involved more than the few hours of narration. This non-involvement narrative method is responsible for students developing so many phobias, psychological disorders, problems and deep insecurity about life.

The first step to the original Hindu education system was, both the teacher and the student should live under the same roof. With this the entire learning process becomes life science because when they stay together, they know the practical problems of life and the teacher will be given a pressure to find solutions for practical problems of life.

This ancient practice of students living with the teacher allows them to explore life experientially instead of being confined to text books. This also infuses hightened maturity to handle life in the best way possible and helps them give birth to new dimensions of finding peace-based solutions to the existing and forthcoming global challenges

Education Policy

In Hinduism, students participated in the learning process through the Vedic process of Shravana (listening), Manana (intra-analysing) and Nidhidhyasana (living/ manifesting) were capable of knowing anything.

They were Sarvajna – capable of downloading what they want when they needed it and had the ability to digest any thought current and give a breakthrough. This was due to their space of Oneness with Paramaśiva.

To create a distinguished education structure and system, the knowledge transmitters created an ecosystem inside and outside the students where the brain does not feel tired or bored but inspired, excited by its own innate experience of the “I”ness experience.Due to this the students start enjoying the narration they carry about them (Svarupa Ananda) and everyone around them enjoys the narration about them which they carry in them, in that LIVING space the power of Sarvajñatva, the power to know everything is manifested.

Vedic education always starts with peace, ends with peace because education is the most powerful weapon, either can be used for peace or violence. In the modern day one of the worst things happened – education is not being used for peace. The strength Hindus demonstrated even in the face of sword, the peace they demonstrated even in the face of the violence – is the pride of the Vedic civilization.

The ecosystem created to experience Sarvajñatva and Sarvajna summarises the policy of KAILASA’s Hindu education.

The Legacy

Vedic Education: A Path to Universal Peace

Sanatana Dharma cannot be destroyed because every matured soul comes back to Sanatana Dharma. If 7 billion people are there on the planet earth, at least 2 billion will be matured souls; if that number comes down, then again an Incarnation manifests to make the souls matured. But matured souls always exist and the way of life of  these matured souls is Sanatana Dharma.

Vedic tradition insists you becoming rich through Hindu based education  for the peace of the Universe. It should increase the frequency of the peace of the Universe not increase the frequency of the violence in the Universe.

Hence, the very context of Vedic education commences itself on the note of peace.The Vedic education’s learning outcomes are naturally structured by great ancient Hindu seers in such way that it inevitably contributes to the larger picture of achieving peace in the world through student’s inventions, theories and other various learning outcomes they derive from this sacred educational system.

Each morning throughout the training, the students of KAILᾹSA’s NHU started their day with Nithya Dhyaan (Life Bliss Meditation) and Nithya Yoga.The training was inspiring and enjoyable for all with plenty of discourses and interactive questions and answer sessions withTHE SPH BHAGAVAN SRI NITHYANANDA PARAMASHIVAM. KAILᾹSA’s NHU students had the opportunity to study in a range of different ambiences. Some were trained as acharyas(spiritual teachers), some trained as pujacharyas (conductors of religious rituals).

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Nithyananda Hindu University is the Largest Hindu University in the world. It remains committed to bringing the best of the oldest living spiritual tradition, Sanatana Hindu Dharma to the world. More than 20 million people have greatly benefited and drawn inspiration from the knowledge of the ancient Hindu scriptures

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