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NHU Milestone 2005: 1.18 Million+ Enrollments Achieved

Program NameProgramsStudent
‘Arte Da Auto-Cura Através Da Meditação’ (The art of healing by meditation) ‘Auto-Cura Através da Meditação’ (Healing through meditation)14576
‘Bliss is your birthright. Claim it!’13184
‘La Voie De La Méditation — L’arrivée’12633
‘La Voie De La Méditation — Le Parcours’14582
‘La Voie De La Méditation Le Depart’11765
‘Meditação- Caminho Para Auto-Cura’ (Meditation a path to healing)14093
‘Os Benefícios Da Auto-Cura Pela Meditação’ (The benefits of healing through meditation) discourse12760
From Caterpillar to Butterfly- The Inner Alchemy28413
Ananda Spurana Programme15015
Ananda Ula- Tour to Tamil Nadu13777
Arrival at Guadeloupe.15922
Being in bliss14697
Bidadi Ashram welcomes15878
Bring spirit into matter14764
Chaos is order, order is chaos13020
Cognitive shift13219
Collective consciousness11073
Conference with AAPI American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin12783
Cosmic intelligence12430
Dhyana Shakti11461
Einstein to Upanishads12794
Emotional Intelligence11421
Enlightenment – Guaranteed!!11349
Enlightenment – Have It!!!11805
Enlightenment – It’s Possible!13044
Fall in to rise14143
First ever Arogya Spurana14477
From caterpillar to butterfly- The Inner Alchemy14723
The first set of acharyas(teachers) are ordained13184
Let go of the ego13244
From Intellect to intelligence15485
Advanced Healers’ Initiation Programme11637
From Sub Consciousness to Super Consciousness14446
From words to silence11519
God . com11786
From Stress to De-Stress.It is easier than you think14604
Guru poornima celebration176899
Grand inauguration of Los Angeles Ashram1034983
International Spiritual Conference15028
Jayanti celebrations2277405
Let go of the ego13117
Return to Bidadi for Healers’ initiation program13692
Life Bliss Programme24412
Maha Shivaratri celebrations1367890
Master- the master surgeon14607
Master- The zen stick14690
Meditation- the ultimate stress buster15989
Leadership Lessons from the Himalayas15203
Nithyananda Spurana Programme1872187
Nithyanandam-Intensive meditation programme12656
Outsmart your opponents15375
Patanjali Scientist Extraordinaire12856
Power of coincidence11909
Principles of Ashram Living12520
Return to Bidadi for Healers’ initiation programme15950
Science of Spirituality11639
Shiva Sutras- The HOW to enlightenment13981
Srimad Bhagavad Gita1870114
Swami Nithyananda’s Birth Star celebrations150367
Teachers’ Training418598
Return to Bidadi for Healers’ initiation program12873
Wake up and smell the roses14073
Whatever you think is you is not you15255
Trip to the Himalayas11076
Yoga – The integrated science of mind, body, and spirit11857
You are infinity- Wake up11907
Grand Total1171182251


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