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The 42-Minute “Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment

The existence of Cosmic Energy is undisputed. It is also undisputed that “Cosmic Intelligence” channels this Cosmic Energy through the lineage of enlightened masters. These enlightened masters transmit Cosmic Energy to willing human beings by creating energy pathways in them leading to Kundalini Awakening and Enlightenment.

The transmission of this Cosmic Energy itself is done in unique ways by the Master. None of the usual orthodox methods of transmission like verbalization or visualization is used in this process. The process is controlled by the Master and transmitted by his brain directly to the brain of the human being.

However, the transmission of Cosmic Energy itself will not lead the receiver to experience the effect. A series of preparatory steps are required on the part of the subject to translate the transmission into the “Kundalini Experience”. However, even before the preparatory steps are taken by the devotee she/he will witness the manifestation of vibuthi as a symbol of the master’s physical presence.

The SPH Sri Paramahamsa Nityananda Swami’s 42-minute simple technique for the devotee to prepare himself, and receive this Cosmic Energy enlightenment experience through Kundalini Awakening, is now available through this Satsang to any willing human being.

Preparation Stage

  1. Sit comfortably in Padmasana, Vajrasana, or Sukasana.
  2. Apply Samana Mudra (touching the earth) and lock your hands.

During this preparatory stage, the devotee may witness the manifestation of vibuthi as a symbol of the master’s physical presence even in a remote location.

Entering into the real Kriya

The transmission of the Cosmic Energy itself is done by the Master through the hands of the devotee which acts as the gateway to receive the Prana. In the technique created by the SPH the devotee applies the fingers of his hands on various parts of the face where all the senses are found.

The thumbs are applied to the ears while the first two fingers are used to close the eyes and rest on the cheeks. The ring finger is applied to block the nostrils and the last finger rests on the lips.

Lock the breathing as long as possible with the ring finger.

7 Steps to Prepare for carrying out the Kriya

  1. Inhale and exhale eleven times. Close one side of the nostrils and inhale fully. Now exhale on the other side. This is called Nadi Sodana which means cleaning the basic Nadis. It takes only one minute and is the preparation for the first three steps of the Kriya itself.
  2. Do Basrika Pranayama. Pull your lower abdomen in and up 21 times
  3. Inhale as slowly as possible hold as long as possible exhaling as slowly as possible till your lungs are empty. These four actions are one pranayama and one cycle.

As the master instructs you on this Kriya he can feel his etheric body being used by the cosmos and “being transformed into a huge octopus with tentacles reaching out to the devotee.”

This process itself will lead to the manifestation of vibuthi in the hands and padukas of the devotees who will then experience levitation.

  1. Stop breathing flow as much as you can with ring fingers and then release for the body to balance itself by normal breathing. Do 21 Pranayamas in this Shambavi Mudra
  2. Now settle the entire body  for seven minutes with intense humming which is the Mahamantra
  3. Do Shakthi Karana 7 times raising your hands to receive the master’s energy falling on you and raising your Kundalini. Bow to the cosmos receiving its energy and  surrendering to it 

The whole cosmos is crystallized in this one Kriya.

The master’s body which has already gone through this experience is now exuding this cosmic energy in the most powerful highest frequency that enables the initiate to experience intense kundalini and eN effect

  1. Sit for a few minutes and send loving, compassionate, blissful vibrations to the whole world.

The entire process will take 42 minutes and is very simple to do.


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