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NHU’s Vision: Uniting Science, Spirituality, and Life Solutions

The purposes for which the institute is organized are exclusively religious, spiritual, charitable, scientific, literary, and educational. Specifically, the purposes for which the corporation is organized are:

  1. To create a Yoga and Meditation University as a center for learning, research, education, and teaching of yoga, meditation, and spiritual sciences as practiced and preached by His Divine Holiness Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam and also teach other Hinduism philosophies and cultures with a mission to improve the quality of human life through teaching, research, and public service and emphasis on life solutions,
  1. To meet the need for converging of science and spirituality, the catholicity of the Hindu spirit, namely the unity of all humanity, and emphasize the spiritual science as the highest invoking a coherent world view of the unity of all cultures and creations.
  2. Formulate credit-bearing undergraduate and graduate and confer degrees in various branches of science, arts, technology, humanities, etc, with an emphasis on a practical Vedic base for the students to grow spiritually throughout his/her life;
  3. Formulate advanced M.S and PhD levels studies in Vedic philosophy and in various branches of science, arts, technology, and humanities;
  4. Develop an institute of research to bridge the gap between modern science and the spiritual/vedic science;
  5. Serve as a source of information for all authentic literature on Vedic/Hindu literature, therapeutics, and philosophies;
  6. To evolve as a showcase or movement which may include:
    1. a)  Constitution of a forum to understand/propagate the correctness of information;
    2. b)  Conduct ‘web-based’ and ‘mobile’ courses;
    3. c)  Organize seminars by and for students;
    4. d)  Emphasize the commonality of all religions and the concept of tolerance
    5. e)  Attract students from other institutions on a transfer basis for special courses;


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