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NHU’s Approach to Enlightenment in Academics


The purpose of life is enlightenment.

~SPH Nithyananda Paramashivam

Enlightenment means having the ultimate truth, the most powerful ultimate truth as our operating inner software.

Living Enlightenment means vibrating in the frequency of the Cosmic Constitution, Cosmic truths, and Universal truths; reverberating with the principles of the Universal truths.

Nithyananda Hindu University’s schools explore science to radiate our highest potential.

Paramashiva explains, first, a person needs to start practicing, the preparations, it’s called chariya, like, you do Pooja9, you do yoga, you do pranayama10, you apply basma11, wear rudhraksha12.. all these, lifestyle practices.

Then you start doing Kriya, tuning your body and mind to the higher realms, that is Kriya.

Then connecting with those higher realms, that is yoga, and living in that higher space itself is jnana.

Eternal Learning- Empowering Education:

At Nithyananda Hindu University knowledge transmission is complete only when it becomes a lifestyle practice.

आचायात ् पादमादे पादं शय वमेधया |
पादं समचारय: पादं काल मेण च ||
ācāryāt pādamādatte pādaṁ śiṣya svamedhayā|

pādaṁ sabrahmacāribhyah pādaṁ kāla krameṇa ca||

One gains 1⁄4 of the knowledge from the Acharya (the teacher), 1⁄4 from his own self-study and intellect, 1⁄4 from his classmates, and the remaining 1⁄4 is gained as a person becomes mature as time passes.
– SanskritSubhashitam

The SPH Bhagwan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivam, when explaining Sarvajnottarāgama very beautifully explains:

“When you learn from the teacher, one quarter you learn; when you discuss among the friends, you learn the next 25%, when you ask him questions and get clarified, you learn the next 25%. Only when you start teaching, you learn the last 25%”


The Shanti mantra concept is unique only to the Hindu education system.

The very education process in Hindu tradition is awakening you. It is not just giving some words, ideas, concepts, theories, theologies. It is awakening you. So in this whole process of awakening, so much patience is required from the side of the student. So much understanding is required from the student’s side. The Shanti mantra sets the context of the Hindu education system.

“Let both of us be together and protected. Let us not hurt each other.
Let us not cherish enmity towards each other. Let us not cherish anger towards each other”.

All of us know master cannot cherish anger towards the disciple. Why does the line say “Let both of us not cherish anger”? Because there is always the possibility that the disciple may have self-doubt. “Maybe my ignorance is being exploited. He is not only teaching me, he is constantly putting me down.”

ॐ सहनाववतु
सह नौ भुनक्तु
सह वीर्यं करवाव है
तेजस्वि नावधीतमस्तु मा विद्विषाव है|


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