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The Dissertation Abstract

Role of the Abstract

When the first full draft of the thesis is completed and the structure of the thesis begins to appear, the student begins to develop the Abstract. This document summarizes the thesis and will eventually be published in Dissertation Abstracts.

Abstract Guidelines

The Abstract is a statement summarizing the major or important points of the dissertation in 350 words. The Abstract must be approved by the GC.

Final revisions to the abstract may be made after the oral defense, but students should not view this first version as only a “rough draft.” This is the only version circulated to the examining committee. The final version will be submitted to the Library with the final version of the dissertation and will be published in Dissertation Abstracts.

Provide a succinct statement of the thesis in the opening paragraph. Then briefly describe the history and present state of the topic. End the paragraph with a statement of how the current thesis advances the topic. Subsequent paragraphs should summarize the central arguments supporting the thesis including methodology and results. The final paragraph encapsulates the dissertation and what the thesis has accomplished. Implications for further study are also stated.

Approval of  the Abstract by the GC

When the first draft of the Abstract has been reviewed the student should obtain their signatures.

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Updated on December 4, 2023