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Exploring Quantum Entanglement In Superconscious Mutation


Exploring Quantum Entanglement in Superconscious Mutation

Entanglement is a term used in quantum theory  to describe the way that particles of energy/matter  can become correlated to predictably interact with each other regardless of how far apart they are.

This means that the state and actions of one of these particles can influence the state and actions of others through the process of interference. Hence during the process of superconscious mutation, entanglement takes place and the energy channel becomes so attuned to THE SPH that his/her body and mind temporarily mirrors or assumes the characteristics of enlightenment. When entanglement happens at the deeper level of muscle-memory, it is ‘Entrainment’. Entanglement becomes entrainment and entrainment becomes enlightenment.

Scientists, researchers and doctors of the Intigris Jim Thrope Rehabilitation Centre and the PET centre of Oklahoma, USA administered various tests to analyse the neurological system of THE SPH.

Due to THE SPH’s state of perpetual samadhi (sahaja samadhi), THE SPH demonstrated complete entrainment (synchronicity) of all the brain waves, with the entire brain shifting fluidly from one brainwave pattern to another at will. The HRV study, where THE SPH sent healing to a receiver, concluded that the receiver’s heart rhythms were entrained to THE SPH during healing. This form of initiation begins at the level of the brain, leading to entrainment and coherence proving that a process of attunement was indeed taking place at the time.

The Graph show the power frequency spectra of tachograph signal.

Graph One (Top) – The graph shows the spectral signal value, at approximately 0.25, indicating parasympathetic state dominance (the subject was very quiescent).

Graph Two (Middle) – A new peak appears at the far left, indicating robust sympathetic arousal, which mirrored THE SPH’s spectral signal (not shown).

Graph Third (Bottom) – Peaks at the far left and far right persisted (reduced amplitude) and a new signal appeared at 0.20, indicating a significant shift towards sympathetic arousal to match the energy of THE SPH’s heart.

Superconscious mutation

Is Superconscious Mutation Permanent?

Lacking the yogic body and nervous system to retain the entangled space of superconscious mutation, the receiver gradually loses the experience through energy ‘leaks’. With repeated initiations, the experience becomes bolted into the system and the receiver moves closer to being established in the state of living enlightenment eternally.

If you are constantly initiated and exposed to the pure inner space, that will become experience in you. Once you are exposed to that, by and by your bio-memory and your muscle memory begin to enjoy that space, live in that space and it becomes Living Enlightenment, Jeevan Mukti.

Superconscious Mutation

Superconscious Mutation Through Quantum Entanglement

The existence of the superconsciousness, consciously and powerfully reflecting into your conscious existence and your conscious existence recognizing your possibilities and powers of your superconscious existence is superconscious mutation. Vedic scholars from the Hindu tradition developed great powers and possibilities through the science of superconscious mutation.They could perform hundred acts at a time, because all their non-mechanical parts of brain were awakened through the process of Superconscious Mutation.

In a breakthrough series of studies, a well-knownprotocol called MTT Assay showed the mitochondria levels in a study group who spent longer periods of time around THE SPH significantly increased to 1300%.Ordinary medicines, yoga or exercise can increase the mitochondria energy only 25% to 30%, but these cells that we studied were white blood cells not muscle cells. The mitochondria in the white blood cell, for it to increase so dramatically is very unusual and that to without any medical intervention is ground-breaking.

Energy transmission (initiation or dīkśa) from THE SPH causes a superconscious mutation increasing the mitochondria cell energy to 1300%, 13 times more, which causes-

  • sharper focusing abilities
  • highest alertness levels & enhanced memory
  • extremely rapid multi-processing
  • phenomenal energy levels & health recoveries

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