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College of Hindu Education Technology

Department of Hindu Curriculum & Education Technology


Department of Hindu Curriculum & Education Technology

KAILASA’s Nithyananda Hindu University stands at the forefront of reviving the world’s most ancient and advanced knowledge transmission system. This unique educational paradigm transcends conventional teaching, embodying a process akin to directly downloading cosmic truths from the source.

In this revived system, educators are more than mere instructors; they are exemplars who pave the way for students through their profound scriptural mastery, personal sadhana (spiritual practice), and reflective wisdom. It’s an immersive journey that conveys learning through lived examples and tangible experiences, not abstract theory.

The Department of Hindu Curriculum and Hindu Education Technology is dedicated to enhancing the way teaching and learning occur within this dynamic framework. It focuses on the meticulous research and application of methodologies to refine the instructional environment, create effective learning materials, and understand both learners and the learning process within the context of Hindu wisdom.



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Department of Hindu Curriculum & Education Technology

Students at NHU are nurtured to embody Sarvajna – the extraordinary ability to intuitively ‘download’ any knowledge or concept at will. This capability ensures that learners can assimilate new ideas, make informed decisions, and exhibit creativity and spontaneity across all spheres of life – be it at work, home, or within their communities.


Students From 39+ Countries attended

Join students from over 39 countries, immersing yourself in a richly diverse and inclusive learning environment.


Student-Faculty Ratio in KAILᾹSA’s NHU

Experience small classes and personalized attention while benefiting from a 70:1 student-faculty ratio.


Free and Online

Enjoy free, online access to all our programs, making learning accessible and convenient.

Step into the future of learning with our Hindu Curriculum and Education Tech courses – Enroll now and harness the wisdom of the ancients!

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College of Hindu Education Technology

Students of KAILᾹSA’s NHU college of Educational Technology (Ed-tech) are enabled through cutting-edge technology to create high-quality curricular content and conduct efficient and effective instruction. Our mission is to revolutionize standard teaching methods by serving as a catalyst for the adoption of evidence-based, latest, and engaging educational technology solutions and by sharing best Hindu practices with the academic community.

Other Departments under College of Hindu Education Technology

(Above) The SPH conducts initiatives, conclaves, programs and classes in the most stunning backdrops across the world with thousands of students through online and offline platforms and with audio visuals means to make the classes more interactive and engaging.

(left/bottom) The SPH has given about 190,000+ hours of initiations (dīkśa) and discourses to give seekers an unforgettable glimpse of Enlightenment.


Why attend Nithyananda Hindu University

Hindu Education

4 Schools, 14 Colleges, and 29 departments generating user-friendly Hindu education to students from various educational backgrounds.

Enhanced Learning Outcomes

KAILASA’s NHU courses and programs have improved learning outcomes through 8500+ courses based on core theories from Hinduism across the globe, ensuring that children and youth stay and thrive in school and have better employment opportunities.

Empowering Higher Education

Enabled and empowered higher Vedic education institutions to contribute to research and innovate to solve development challenges.

20.5 million+ graduates

8600+ Courses with a Faculty of 1000+

Global Presence

We are The Largest Hindu University

Nithyananda Hindu University is the Largest Hindu University in the world. It remains committed to bringing the best of the oldest living spiritual tradition, Sanatana Hindu Dharma to the world. More than 20 million people have greatly benefited and drawn inspiration from the knowledge of the ancient Hindu scriptures

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Colleges at NHU

Integrating Ancient Wisdom for Modern Progress

At KAILᾹSA’s NHU, we draw from ancient Hindu wisdom to address global challenges. We reinterpret Vedic knowledge for modern life, leading research in areas like psychology, philosophy, medicine, and cosmology, facilitating transformation for individuals and communities.

Our 14 colleges embody this mission, focusing on diverse fields including anti-aging, cellular rejuvenation, diagnostics, third eye awakening, lifestyle sciences, conscious systems, and the workings of the human mind.

Explore each of the college advances knowledge rooted in Hindu tradition, making a real-world impact.

Schools at NHU

Reviving Ancient Hindu Education System

NHU hosts four distinct schools, each offering a diverse interdisciplinary education. These schools cover knowledge-based systems, yoga for cosmic union, Hindu ritual studies, and lifestyle enrichment. Discover transformative learning at NHU.

School of Jnana

School of Charya

School of Yoga

School of Kriya